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Reliable Credentialing

IBY Credentialing & Billing specializes in efficient, full-service medical billing and provider enrollment for doctors, nurses, and all providers in small and large medical practices. Our team has extensive experience providing affordable billing services and accurate, reliable credentialing for medical professionals in all 50 states.

At IBY, we customize our services to fit your business needs, allowing your team to focus on the business of caring for your clients. Please contact us today to learn how IBY Credentialing & Billing can help your practice. 

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IBY Credentialing and Billing

We are committed to supporting the providers who are qualified to help individuals, families, and couples. We have created this company in honor of those individuals who dedicate their lives and careers to helping others. We truly are Inspired By You.


Our Purpose


Our goal is to help you thrive professionally and personally by providing high-quality service that supports, encourages, and uplifts you as clinicians, individuals, and businesses. 


The fast pace of today's world makes it difficult to build lasting professional relationships. IBY Credentialing & Billing seeks to earn these lasting relationships through communication, mutual respect, and trust. By choosing a lasting professional relationship with us, you will know that we work with your best interests in mind


When it comes to customer service and attention, you will find unparalleled support and service with IBY Credentialing & Billing. Our customer service driven model is based on continuous communication to make sure you feel comfortable and at ease.


IBY Credentialing & Billing aims to make a difference in the world by allowing you to focus on the health needs of your patients and clients. We make our services affordable so that you may do what you do best while we do what we do best.



IBY Credentialing & Billing provides exceptional billing services for your medical practice whether you are a sole provider, a group practice, or a large organization comprised of 100 providers or more. With one of the best claims success rates in the business, we specialize in full service medical billing and provide the detailed review you need to ensure that claims are processed quickly and accurately.

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Credentialing is the process of enrolling doctors, nurses, therapists, physician’s assistants, and other medical practitioners as in-network providers with an insurance company. Because every person at a medical facility must be credentialed, the process can be extremely time-consuming. At IBY Credentialing & Billing, we have a knowledgeable, experienced team that streamlines the process and provides the follow up needed to complete it quickly and accurately.

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