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At IBY Credentialing & Billing, we are committed to providing the most complete credentialing and contracting services possible. In addition to our standard service, we offer the following additional services that can help further the strength and operations of your solo practice or health care organization. Ask us how we can help you!


Any individual health care provider or health care organization, such as clinics, group practices, and home health care entities, covered by HIPAA must have a National Provider Identifier (NPI) number. These identifying numbers – Type I for individuals and Type II for organizations – are essential in the insurance claims process. Our professionals can handle timely and accurate NPI registration for you and your health care group.


CAQH ProView is an online database that serves as the key resource for providers, health care organizations and insurance companies for current professional information needed for submission for credentialing. Insurance companies require providers’ profiles are accurate, including history, license information and malpractice insurance details. At IBY, we can help build your profile or ensure that your information is updated regularly.


Your in-network rate that was set years ago may no longer be reflective of the services you provide. Whether your offerings have changed, your services have been upgraded, or your expenses have increased, requesting a rate increase is within your rights. Let IBY help you draft and submit your request for a rate increase.


Has your practice changed locations? Did you add an additional practice location? Has your mailing or payment information changed? If so, it is critical that these details are shared with every insurance company with whom you are contracted in order to avoid delays in payment or rejections due to obsolete addresses or mismatched information. Our team can help you ensure that all your network insurance companies are notified of any address changes or updates to your practice.


Insurance companies will generally contract with a limited number of providers in each health service or specialty area. Once they have reached a number appropriate to the needs of the area, they will close that panel to additional subscribers. Our team of professionals can submit a letter of appeal if you or your practice is closed out. While not guaranteed, we can ensure you get an extra look if you serve special populations or have unique qualities as a provider.

Interested in learning more about these services?

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